Interior Architectural Consultancy

The services can include;

  • Floor plans showing new wall layouts

  • Furniture layouts and lighting/electrical plans

  • Bespoke kitchen designs

  • Bespoke bathroom designs

  • Bespoke cabinetry/ built-in furniture/ panelled rooms/ libraries/ bookcases/ dressing rooms

  • Decorative plasterwork designs/ reflected ceiling plans

  • Stone/tile/timber flooring designs

  • Specifications for fireplaces, brassware, sanitary-ware, appliances, ironmongery, internal joinery details, cornices, hard finishes, timber flooring, radiators, electrical items and lighting

  • Supply of products - see 'STORE' section

White Water Interiors Ltd is an interior design company established in 2017 by Andy Cobbold. Specialising in designs for the Interior Architectural elements of a project, working for interior designers, cabinetmakers, property developers, architects and private clients. Andy gained his degree in Interior Architecture/Spatial Design from Salford University in 2004 and has worked for internationally renowned Interior Designers.

White Water Interiors has a specific focus on creating beautiful and functional interior architecture within high-end domestic and some commercial projects. Whether it be Modern, Georgian, Art Deco, Arts & Crafts, Victorian or any other period, or even overseas.

Clients sometimes struggle with a gap between where an architects’ role ends, and an interior designers’ role begins, especially where interior design companies are specialists at the soft furnishing element of a project.

As an Interior Architectural Consultancy, White Water Interiors fills this gap and streamlines the process by proposing designs for kitchens, bathrooms and cabinetry, as well as providing a set of design drawings and plans invaluable to the main contract team, including floor plans, electrical plans, furniture layouts and room elevations.

Most importantly these drawings give the client comfort and confidence that they know what they are getting and have plenty of time to consider, review and tender the designs, looking at the whole house as one seamless design rather than as individual rooms perhaps disconnected.

Through Andy’s experience, plans are proposed that are tailored to the clients demands and requirements, designed to suit the architectural style of the property and not only enhance the individual spaces, but also create harmony throughout the house between each room. The ultimate desire is to create a thread or a language throughout the house using elements, such as the metal finishes of ironmongery, the timber mouldings of the cabinetry, the plaster mouldings of the cornices or the stone mouldings on the fireplaces. These designs will blend with the furnishing designs created by the client or their interior designer.

The cabinetry designs can be sent out to tender, just like architects ‘working drawings’, to gain the client value for money and potentially large savings.

The drawings also provide an organised and professional package from the interiors part of the project, which can be given to main contractors, heating engineers, electrical engineers, tilers and cabinetmakers, thus giving the site team a full set of consistent information. This saves time for all the site team, for the client, for the architect, for the interior designer and of course not only saves the client financially but also gives them peace of mind that they can see exactly what designs they will be getting in plenty of time.

There is not usually a charge for the initial meeting, so if you have a project that you need help with please get in touch.


Using a survey plan or architects plan we propose internal wall and room layouts.

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We take the client feedback from Stage 1 and develop the proposals further for each room.

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Once the client has chosen and approved designs we provide detailed drawings and specifications.

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Site visits, ongoing client and contractor team meetings, workshop visits and progress checks.

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